Wear Pass

Lease with Wear Pass and don't sweat the small stuff...

With Toyota Financial Services' Excess Wear & Tear Plan - Wear Pass - you don't have to sweat the small stuff that happens to vehicles every day, such as dents, scratches, glass chips and cracks, tire wear and rim damage and going slightly over the allowable kilometres stipulated in your lease. So now the odd door ding, windshield chip or rim scuff won't worry you along the way because you invested in peace of mind with Toyota Financial Services.


Up to $4,000 in Excess Wear and Tear charges at lease end will be waived for the following:

Body panel dents, dings, scratches, and chips

Glass chips, scratches, and cracks

Excess distance travelled - up to an extra 1,000 kilometres

Interior cuts, tears, stains, and burn holes

Excess tire wear

Individual damages requiring less than $1,000 to repair

Allow wheel damage caused by curbs and road surfaces

Compare Excess Wear & Tear Coverage and our Guidelines

Familiarize yourself with the peace of mind our Wear Pass Excess Wear & Tear Plan will provide you by comparing its coverage against our standard lease guidelines.





Tire & Rim Damage

Missing or broken wheel covers and bent or damaged non-alloy wheels Must be replaced $90 each
Damaged alloy wheels Must be replaced or repaired Actual Cost to remedy
Worn, bald, or damaged tires Must be replaced when tread depth is less than 3.3mm $150 - $375 each tire


Scratches, scrapes, dents, dings, gouges or cracks on exterior body panels and bumpers Within the card (85mm x 55mm) and rust or bare metal is exposed $200 each panel
Exceeding the card dimensions (85mm x 55mm) $400 each panel

Interior Upholstery & TrimDamage

More than one cut, tear, rip or burn hole Any size $100 each
More than one stain Any size $200

Glass Damage

Chips, stars, bullseyes or cracks on the windshield, rear or side panels Completely within the card circle (25mm diameter) $100 each
Exceeding the card circle (25mm diameter) $300 - $1,050 each panel
Scratches on the windshield, rear or side panels Exceeding the card dimensions (85mm x 55mm) $300 - $1,050 each panel

See the Excess Wear and Tear Partial Waiver addendum to the Lease Agreement for information and full limitations and exclusions. Review our Excess Wear and Tear guidelines and Charges found on the Toyota Financial Services section of Toyota.ca . Wear Pass is a trademark of Toyota Credit Canada Inc.